The Hidden Sea is proud of its partnership with the North Bondi RSL Surf Club. Together they've removed thousands of bottles of plast from the ocean by selling The Hidden Sea Wine. This image shows their progress so far.

The Hidden Sea is honoured to have a collaboration with Urban Alley Brewery to remove plastic from the ocean.

Despite its many names, there is only one ocean that we all share, and the ocean waste plastic crisis is as dire as ever. But, we can all work together to make a difference in the health of the ocean, and The Hidden Sea is the most delicious way to do so!

For every 1 bottle of The Hidden Sea sold, 10 plastic bottles are removed and recycled from the ocean.

Together we can make a difference.

Together we can save the sea!



Find a location near you:

Some of the plastic removal locations

Western Central Pacific Ocean,

Jakarta, Indonesia


-6.103614, 106.78932

Ciliwung River,

Jakarta, Indonesia


-6.115555, 106.770599

Dadap River,

Jakarta, Indonesia


-6.0893635, 106.7155545

Coordinates are a representative selection of collection points of the total collection period.